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Dear AAPG Student Chapters:

ACE Calgary 2016
Here’s a great opportunity for Student Chapters planning to attend the AAPG 2016 Annual Convention and Exhibition in June 2016 in Calgary, Canada.

Volunteering to work in the AAPG General Store and Bookstore is an easy and fun way to earn funds while attending ACE 2016*. Register to volunteer.

Interested? Good – but you’ll have to act fast as the signup deadline is June 3. There are slots available for only 12 AAPG Student Chapters, and the positions will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone that can make it to Calgary!

*Note: AAPG does not pay for your travel and accommodations to attend even if your chapter is interested in working in the store.


Hello, because of this notice, GITMSC OF AAPG will have a meeting to all members and will explain it, anyone can joint, but with submitt selection process again and we will send the form of registration submitt in GITMSC OF AAPG meeting at Institute Technology of Medan to all member that will seriously for try it and but with notes, AAPG does not pay for your travel and accommodations to attend event, thank you.

Best Regards,
Khairullah Nasution | President at GITMSC OF AAPG
Ph: +62 821 6299 4777
Email: KhairullahNst@yahoo.com

Khairullah Nasution of 40th IPA CONVEX 2016

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Thank’s to 40th IPA Convention and Exhibition 2016, and see you soon in Jakarta, safe flight for the schedule.

Notice: this is a IPA Program, and not AAPG program because this has nothing to do with AAPG, and other, only Indonesian of Petroleum Association can be selection with submit data process who can be a student volunteer in IPA, all people can be SV in IPA with selection data sumbit process and maybe for this year more than 2.000 people applying from all over indonesia, who ever can do that, but were taken only a few, and maybe only 20 or more are accepted to be a Student volunteer, same like last year, with personal data submit something like your biodata, CV, answere some question and other to IPA, do u have submitt too, and success for us all.


GITMSC OF AAPG Goes to Geoscience Industrial Week/GIW 2016, and thank’s so much for this  certificates, 1 for GITMSC OF AAPG and other for 15 Participants from GITMSC that join in this event for Geokuiz and Desain Mini Oil Rig Category, at April, 25th-27th, 2016, University of Malaya, Malaysia with other university in Asia, Thank’s.


GITMSC OF AAPG Goes to Geoscience Industrial Week 2016, April, 25th-27th, 2016 and this is a photo session with 15 participants from GITMSC with all the organizers of the GIW, University of Malaya, Malaysia, and also with the Chairman of KAGUM of UM and President AAPG SC UM, and SC ITM, thank you for everything and this is a valuable experience for GITMSC in this event.